@Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG Wow, if you're blocked for simply being a 'right-winger' then that sucks! But if you didn't follow their community guidelines then i can understand. I'm sure @freemo won't do such things, for no Apparent/Valid reason.


M.S and even many other mastodon incidents tend to have this pattern of behavior. They tend to pick a secret political affiliation then ban everyone who seems to be on the other side

Fear of M.S abusing moderation, as they do, is exactly why I started #QOTO so we will never do that here so long as you treat liberals with full respect and dont constantly belittle or attack others then you will be fine, even protected here.

We want people on QOTO to be free, without fear, to post their opinions and ideas. For that to happen we have to ensure we dont go around censoring people for opinions.

Be kind to others and you will always be welcome here regardless of your views.

@Full_marx @iakshay @design_RG

@freemo Beware of them, inditoot is the Indian Fash.

@bisaat I see, please feel free to share anything they have said that you feel has been cruel or mean to others, I will certainly consider it in my dealings.


@freemo You can visit their instance and see for yourself. Here is an example, inditoot.com/@vaibhavgupta
This guy proudly supports Nathuram Godse, the Hindu nationalist who killed Gandhi.

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@bisaat I dont really know enough about Nathuram Godse to form an opinion of him.

I am more interested in if you have any examples of their instance engaging in harassment or attacks on others. How they treat people, particularly people they disagree with, is far more important to me than someones political opinions usually.

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