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Bishop Of Orange

Had some very strange encounters recently. Strange in the not so nice and rather racist way.

Mastalab needs some offline support. I only ever log into my social accounts when I'm underground. That's why I'm so quiet here.

Also @kurtbusiek is a god among men. His handling of the Twitter trolls is amazing. The man deserves so much respect.

Saw Dan Abnett at Forbidden Planet on Saturday. Fantastic guy. Very cool and really interacted will with the fans.

I'm on the tube carriage from hell.

My quality comics of 2018 so fast have been:

Paper Girls vol 1 (#1-10)
Walking Dead vol 7 (#145-168)
Hellboy in Hell
Blacksad vol 1
Shaft vol 1 (#1-6)

I'm attempting the 1000 comics in a year challenge again this year. I use it more as a prompt to read than a hard target to hit. Sometimes it's easier to collect comics than to take time out to read them.

Along with the quantity it's a quality target I'm aiming at. Reading the books I want to read. Not just to hit the numbers.

As much as I live having a feed full of @JenJen I do need to follow some more accounts.

Any suggestions?

All the goals were amazing. The bullet from Mane was the best of the bunch for me.

Hungry and tired. But not feeling as bad as I thought I would. This day started badly and I thought it was only going to get worse.

Finally got around to reading Skal volume three by @JenJen

Such a great comic. Some of the best art I've come across. And it really suits the story.

Contact lens popped out during my tube ride home. Not sure which eye though.
It will be an interesting dress down this evening.

"Friend erection."


Lovesick does have some amazing writing at times!

Lovesick is back on Netflix and the third season isn't as funny as the first two but it's still a good show. It also has some beautiful women. Not your traditional Hollywood style of beauty and I think part of it is the number of biracial actors they have cast in it.

What was once a show I really enjoyed Person of Interest is now hard work. So cheesy and unrealistic. So sanitised.

Oh well. It looks like Person of Interest will be my palate cleanser.