I have the original trades but I'm curious to see these in colour.

Oooh that is interesting! I have Ubuntu on my main work pc and my workhorse laptop. But I would love to get it on to a tablet. What is the UI like?

Did you have a lot of extensions on Chrome?

I'd also use opera they have a built in vpn.

Finally gonna delete my FB "fan" page. Don't like the Cambridge Analytica business and don't like having to pay to reach people who have already followed me there. Still keeping my personal FB page for now, thought I seldom use it, because it's the only place I can see what's going on with some old friends. But that may go, too, in the fulness of time. We'll see.

Firefox is the way forward. However the main thing is to sperate actions. Email in one browser. Search in another. Also ublock. Disconnect etc

PHEW, finally listed all my current A5 prints (£5 each)! (A4 ones next!) etsy.com/uk/shop/JennieGyllbla

was thinking about the fact that a bunch of my original art and prints will just collect dust in between comic-con seasons, so decided to make an #etsy store! Will be listing things over the next coming days!


Hi Mastodon peeps! ❤️
I'm Jen, a comicatrix working in the UK indie scene 😻

:tentaluv: PATREON (pays the bills and keeps me fed): patreon.com/JennieGyllblad
:star_eyes: COMIC SHOP:
:needle: CREATIVE TWITCH (affiliate)
✨ SKAL webcomic:
🙀 JENSPIRATION webcomic (hiatus):

Bergen is amazing. I have friends not too far from there. Such a beautiful part of the world.

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