At BTCPay, we love eliminating intermediaries. Our core belief is that everyone deserves the right to have total control over their finances and that trusted third-parties are security holes.

We build open-source tools for self-so…

BTCPay Server finally has a website!

It's on GH so if you notice anything feel free to open a PR or an issue.

* Want to pay something for christmas but refuse to use shitty wallets? fear not, we got your back!

If you ever used or tried @BTCPayServer it would be really nice if you can leave our plugin a review on WordPress official repo, since we recently got added there to help visibility in the sea of poor choices, let's help new users make right one.

HO HO HODL! Our latest arrival, the Ugly Christmas mug is a perfect inexpensive Christmas gift. 15oz (450ml), large and sturdy. It has all - and even honey badger. It's quite ugly, but you'll love it. Grab yours on time

I really hoped my ColdCard would have the ability to import key from OpenDime by just plugging it in. @nvk perhaps an idea for future products

Someone submitted a DMCA copyright notice and @Reddit deleted @BTCPayServer Guide posted on r/Bitcoin. Hilarious. No information on what grounds or who. Luckily, there's a backup

Before someone tries to spin it, no it's not r/Bitcoin or their mods, this is Reddit.

Will be using this account from now on.
1. Restructured BTCPay Docs (still a lot of work to do)
2. New BUIDL T-Shirt collection >

ICYMI: I'll be writing a step by step tutorial on how to create an ecommerce store powered by open-source tools (WordPress, WooCommerce and BTCPay Server), step by step, with no steps skipped. Here's quick GIF of the illustrations I've been preparing. Intended for newbies who'd like to start earning bitcoin by participating in the ecosystem. You can also follow my crash-dummy store for the progress.

We'll be cross posting official news and announcements made on Twitter onto mastodon as well. This hopefully will serve our users who have decided to opt-out or are otherwise unable to access Twitter with timely updates and news regarding Samourai Wallet. Nice to see familiar faces here already 👋

NBXplorer update (

- Decrease RAM consumption of NBXplorer. LTC+BTC was taking around 850 MB of RAM now it takes 550 MB.

"Creating an eCommerce Store accepting Bitcoin – Step By Step" - People on Twitter showed great interest in this, and I began writing the article. Here are the sections I'll cover. Each section will be very detailed and divided into sub-steps, paginated, with video instructions.

I began making a detailed step by step instructions on how to setup your first ecommerce store accepting Bitcoin. It will be extremely detailed and suited for newbies. Will include everything from buying the domain, hosting, launching WP and choosing theme, setting up WooCommerce and finally connecting BTCPay Server. If anyone has a good hosting recommendation for website and btcpay, let me know please.

For our first Mastodon post, we need something special. How about the Ultimate List of @BTCPayServer merchants and hosts from our blog


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