This can not be expressed enough:

“Rather, bitcoin’s core value lies in its decentralized governance design being divorced from the political system, a feature no other asset of its size and liquidity can claim, perhaps with the exception of gold.”

SpaceX is returning human spaceflight back to the United States at 4:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time.
Check out the live feed here:

Congratulations to Jo Jorgensen for winning the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination. She'll give em' hell.

So has started auto-ejecting any comments that are just "Coronavirus". I told my friends I'd see them soon on the

Dear leaders in the restaurant and service industry. It think it's finally time to rethink how you compensate your employees.

Today I learned (TIL):

The Python programming language's name was inspired by “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.


Not sure who needs this skillset but I've officially taught myself converting coordinates from the 'decimal, minutes, seconds' format to 'decimal degrees' format. Why? Just to entertain myself. 🤓

Netflix has announced they are moving to AV1 compression. Admittedly, I don't keep up on codecs anymore, but this is awesome.


I'm beginning to think the following is true:

If you think you understand Makesfiles, you don't understand Makefiles.

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Alright, work debate came up. Looking for all my #pirate people.

How to you pronounce #warez?

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