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Pinning tabs in Chromium based browsers has been a thing for over a decade. Unfortunately a native keyboard shortcut has never existed for the exact same amount of time.

For those writing logic out there...

If you adopt functions and give them semantic names, you'll need less comments in your logic and it will read more like a story.

Try it out!

People use to hate Bill Gates because he shipped Internet Explorer with Windows. Now it’s because he makes fake snow.

From The Article

> "These benefits were not important for the urban population, for they were life-changers for the rural population."

This is still true today. My urban dwelling friends believe 'public transit' is the answer to climate change. It is far from it. Rural communities depend on distributed transportation more now than they ever have given the centralization of goods and services.

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There's one thing I think the #Fediverse is missing: Federated identities.

Let's suppose I have a #Mastodon identity. (I do. I even operate my own Mastodon server so that identity is fully under my control.) But now I want to participate in a different Fediverse activity, say on a Lemmy server – now I have to create a new identity there, one entirely disconnected from my 'main' identity here on Rusted Neuron.

This seems both wasteful and overly complicated from a UI perspective.

Say what you will about Homebrew, but managing "GUI Programs" via Homebrew Casks has been a game changer. Not sure why I was so defiant before. Nothing feels better than updating 6 often used applications in less than 5 minutes.

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