My Recommended Services v2

Messenger: ( )
Contacts & Calendars:
Search Engines:
Password Managers:
Social media:
Cloud Storage:
Encryption Software:
Send File:
File Sync:

Absolute & does not exist in this world. This list lists services that at least look more secure than Google or Facebook.

Thanks for telling me. I knew this for the first time.

It looks like a very interesting project.

@bitx you will love it! no phone number and email cool is that?

Now that I know Session for the first time, I still don't know how much I can trust it.

But it's very good that two important points have been achieved: end-to-end encryption and open source.

Also, not requiring a phone number to register solves one of Signal's few privacy drawbacks.

I think that point is very cool.

@bitx yeah and not sure if you know they fork Signal.

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