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The general solution arrived shortly after this tweet while reflecting in the shower in a moment of inspiration. Although a separate Authz service is in the works, for now we can create a subclass of our repository for handling authed queries, and directly attach a policy to the normal reps. Policy returns IDs a user is allowed to access based on a sql query. Fast and clean!

Been feeling like a software engineering alchemist lately, trying to turn lead into gold. Much of the time it’s thinking about the “atoms” that make up our systems. Building blocks like repositories, query builders, authorization, hexagonal architecture, and stuff like that.

Authz has been a tricky concept to distill. It’s cross-cutting so everything needs it to some degree. It’s also domain specific so it has to be customizable in very specific ways.

Hoping to have a general solution soon.

Been thinking about the relationship between faith and certainty lately. Faith is believing in something you can’t directly sense. Certainty is confidence about something in the future.

Faith without certainty is not doubt. Faith, however uncertain, is still faith. Indeed, our faith is most realized when we lack certainty. Faith with certainty could be considered hope. Overconfidence risks pride.

Faith is not certainty. When we feel least certain is when we can choose to have the most faith.

“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”

Presumptuous to be sure, but it’s how I convince myself that working on side projects until close to midnight is worth it.

It’s all too easy to build something when you have a stack of materials to work with. It’s all too hard to build the right thing.

So much of life is about building the right thing. That is not a product of merely effort or resources. It requires the unique dent that we as humans can make in the world. It requires our choice applied to making things a bit better.

This piece from Seth Godin is fantastic. Always love to get his thoughts in the morning: seths.blog/2019/11/what-are-th

Margins are underrated. They serves as a boundary, marking the difference between things. They give our minds space to think.

When writing software, I tend to try and build too much all at once. Margins and boundaries help reduce the clutter, amplify the signal and dampen the noise.

What margins do you need in your life?

Getting to pick up RabbitMQ for work. Always fun to know how zero-downtime upgrades work under the hood (spoiler alert: Erlang is awesome)

In other news, Spotify is advertising to me en español. The problem: I don't speak Spanish. Wonder what the glitch was in the algorithm?

Fun project to keep an eye on: ORY - OAuth, IAM, authorization proxy, and more for building your systems out. Although some pieces are overkill for basic projects, this enables incredibly powerful policy management and authentication/authorization without having to be an expert in it yourself.


Is iOS Layout a bear for everyone else too? I feel like things that should be trivial become really complicated in a hurry.

Some compelling material on using TLS for everything - Makes Google's "BeyondCorp" concept seem accessible to mere mortals (that are willing to actually learn PKI 🤣 )

Our AWS account at work was compromised by a bitcoin bot this AM. How's your Monday going?

"So goes the leader, so goes the culture. So goes the culture, so goes the company." - @simonsinek

Happy Monday Everybody!

Tim Cook is spot-on with his remarks on Privacy. Do you think the US should adopt stronger privacy regulations? brentjanderson.com/blog/2018-1

Puzzling on the best way to use an iPad Pro as a primary dev machine. Remote desktop to a Mac Mini/Linux box? CodeAnywhere, maybe? Love the idea of a dual-screen, 5K setup.

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