That's also one of the reasons why I like from more then stupid 's. I'm happy to see advertisement if I use journalistic content for free as long as it respects my privacy and isn't a security risk to my computers.

@bjoern I also like how PrivacyBadger does not seem to block individual analytics as long as it doesn't track you across different sites. I'm fine with analytics as long as it doens't track me.

@bjoern I don't like ads themselves. There's no innocence in them anymore, they try to get you as hard as they can. Most of the times they (and what's behind them) distort media and information. I'd rather pay (as I do for what I care) than see any ad.

That's a option as well. IMHO both has to coexist. I pay for some services which are important enough to me. But I don't want to limit myself to them. I also want to have free access to other sources which I use less regularly and if I see some non intrusive, privacy respecting and secure advertisement then this is a price I'm happy to pay for this otherwise free service. Same as I don't have a problem with advertisement in free TV, etc.

@bjoern I see your point, but it's very complicated (sometimes impossible, or a mirage) to know if an ad (a script that shows ads) doesn't track you or take advantage of any tracking system. I don't want to check that out before visiting a webpage. That's too why I use blockers.
In this way TV or radio are different, you watch them but they can't watch you, it's not bidirectional as Internet. Besides, I normally watch/listen to ad-free channels/stations for the reasons I mentioned before.

i believe ads are bad are pollute our brains, mostly children brains. they should not exist. its a false when ddg claims that with keywords there could not be ads to manipulate people with political false content. also ads only serve to buy shits that u really dont need.

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