Back on to see if my account there can be repaired. The normal timeline has been error 500 for a few weeks now. But maybe if I add some pointless content we'll eventually move beyond whatever is sitting in the stream that stuffed it up. Anyway find me on if this site stays buggered.And please, please consider supporting nomadic identity across the fediverse. It's 2018.   

@macgirvin I don't manage to follow your account Form, seems they doing something different. So far I also failed to follow your hubzilla account from Mastodon. Should this work in general?

@bjoern Lots of Mastodon sites (and particularly  block SPC. I don't currently have any federation plugins enabled on my personal site - and iirc that is blocked on m.s. as well. 

@macgirvin ah, this explains why I also couldn't connect my Friendica instance with your Hubzilla account.

@bjoern Fediverse developers can be an incredibly toxic mob. I've found they are often more polite if you talk to them using their own software. 
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