How to turn everything upside down in 9 years: 2009 Microsoft was forced by the European Commission to add a ballot box to allow users to chose a browser freely. Two years later they got fined €561 million because they removed it again. Now they introduce a dialog which does the direct opposite, it warns users not to install a different browser than Microsoft Edge.

@zeta It is not that easy. If they use their monopoly in one area (desktop operating system) to establish another monopoly (browser) then it might violate antitrust laws. That's why the European Commission intervened 2009.

@zeta Well, if one company owns ~90% of the desktop operating system market you might want to argue if it is a monopoly or "just" a quasi-monopoly. Back in 2009 the EC come to the conclusion that it is at least close enough to a monopoly, I would also challenge the assumption that users can chose their operating system freely if one supplier has ~90% market share. Hardware support, software written only for the market leader are among the reasons which will prevent people from choosing freely.

@zeta @bjoern i want to live in your World. It seems in this world Microsoft is not preinstalled (and hence forced to be paid) on the majority of consumer hardware and Microsoft is not actively trying to secure their market share by targeting education sectors. And MS Office is not the prevalent file format for exchanging text processor, spreadsheet or presentation files in everyday business.... 🤔 Seriously.. they lead the desktop market....

How come I find out about it only now? In order to disable auto-play of videos, set media.autoplay.enabled to false in about:config. #firefox

@bjoern Google did the same with Chrome for some time on their main search service site...

@bjoern I just read that too. I'm glad I'm using GNU/Linux 100%

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