"For decades, thousands of contributors have explained the advantages of software freedom [..]. Over time, this created more and more demand for Free Software, a demand which companies wanting to stay relevant in the future cannot ignore"

@bjoern Though I pretty much like it, I'm also to a certain point concerned: Did corporations really change? Or does this change "just" mean that the fields of current FLOSS activity aren't considered "important" anymore, compared to things such as #SaaS (see the current mongodb/redis licensing dispute) or #mobile computing (where FLOSS still is a very difficult thing apparently)?

@z428 at the end companies are always "for profit" and not charities. But that's the remarkable thing. These days it is in their own commercial interest to release Free Software, engage with the Free Software community, open their platforms for Free Software and now join OIN. Something they wouldn't have considered about 10 years ago.

@bjoern Yes of course, I didn't really mean to bash this. It's a good thing. We just possibly should be careful. 😉

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