Nice study for everyone who thinks that open platforms are a risk. Exactly zero malware found in , the independent repository / for

@bjoern Given the shit show that is the Play Store, I don't understand how anyone can think being proprietary helps security.

@freakazoid @bjoern I claim that the number of lines of code actually audited for being malware is way higher in the Google store than it is on f-droid. At least Google throws lots of machine power against the apps for identifying malware. The number of automated analyses of f-droid apps, AFAIK, is 0. Yet, everybody can publish to f-droid. Even worse, everybody can download and install from it.

So: The (perceived) security might come from actually analysing the apps.

That doesn't seem like a useful metric given that there are about three orders of magnitude more lines of code in the Play Store than in F-Droid.

Does the Play Store even require you to submit your source code?

@bjoern @muelli
Also, "everybody" can't upload to F-Droid; it's not completely uncurated like NPM or the AUR.

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