I wrote a blog how I use to organize my daily work. What tools do you use to make sure that you don't miss a important task?

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@bjoern I also use since many years to structure my private and business life. We shall talk about it in one of the next episodes.

@ralfhersel This reminds me that I still have a mail to answer. I was a bit busy the last few days, but I like the idea and will write you soon 🙂

@bjoern I really like #Zim. Getting ideas nicely structured, synced with #Nextcloud (just Desktop <->Laptop, was on search for android apps lately, but found only dead, unfinished projects) and the Distraction Free Editing Plugin replaced Focus Writer for me.
For some projects I sometimes use #Superproductivity.

Thanks for the article. Just the topic I'm on this week, reconsidering my task management and software used for it.😀

@bjoern interesting blogpost! I also use zim wiki.
Sync with nextcloud works great for my private notes. For one notebook i use git to collaborate with a friend.
An android app for zim would be really so cool!

Very nice blog post. Thank you for taking the time to write about your tools ​😄​
What I use: Since I don't need mobile and sync (because I only work when I am physically at my workstation, and boy I am so happy about it) I use a combination of TiddlyWiki and QTodoTxt and it is working great for me. The radical feature of TiddlyWiki (which makes it also extremely productive) is that it has a completely flat structure: there is no categorization into “Archive”, “Notes”, “Ideas”... and the mind-overhead that such categorization brings. (It has a tagging system, but I never use it.) Instead, it has a blazing fast full-text search, which is really enough to find everything very quickly.

@bjoern emacs org-mode for work and bullet journaling for notes on the go

It may not surprise you, but I use Taskwarrior to organize myself. Documentation goes to markdown-files in a selfhosted (Gitea) Git-repository.

I started to use Joplin against Nextcloud, but it does not seem to be the right thing for me.

@dirk ah, completely forgot to mention Taskwarrior. Is course I tried it as well. Great software but for some reasons I didn't got used to it.

All the tools I've used have been mentioned here. At this point, I'm using a bullet journal for quick notes and todos which I want to sketch by hand. I use Tiddlywiki for more permanent notes. I also use it on my Android phone but not very much, as I haven't been able to set up trouble-free syncing. I used to use Emacs org mode but it became unwieldy.

@bjoern The app #Markor for Android is waiting for pull requests to support .zim -format!

Anyone able to help out?

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