You can't earn money with . is bad for your business. Do you think this is true? Then you should come to my talk "Using strong copyleft to build a sustainable business", organized by @conservancy


and you are presenting at a copyleft conference sponsered by Google lol


@oshwm @bjoern @conservancy Privacy and Free Software are not necessarily the same thing. G👀gle is an example of this: incredibly evil at privacy, but they made some substantial contributions to Free Software.
But indeed, having them as a sponsor is certainly bad.

@BartG95 @oshwm @bjoern @conservancy

check out 'bob' post in response to aral's re: Google banning AGPL.

@oshwm @conservancy @bjoern Just wanted to point that out after seeing what @aral wrote 😂
@oshwm I'll visit the conf before passing judgement. I trust Conservancy, and like any huge organization, Google is not a unified entity but has factions and undercurrents. I don't assume they have attached any strings to their donation.

@clacke Well, at least there are still some optimists in this world - enjoy the conference :)

@bjoern @conservancy As a happy switcher from Dropbox/iCloud Drive to ownCloud and now Nextcloud, I'm very happy to find you on Mastodon. 😃

Great to hear that you like Nextcloud. 🙂 In case you didn't saw it already, @nextcloud is here as well. 🙂

Cc @conservancy

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