If someone would have told me a few months ago that I would write something like this I would call them totally crazy. But I really got used to with all the integration with calendar, contacts, tasks, ,... Great email client, though a UI refresh to be more -ish would be awesome.

@bjoern Same to me with Kmail/Kontact. Being die hard Thunderbird user for years. But it's integration via Card-/CalDAV is really poor compared to KDE PIM.

@vinzv I used ClawsMail before for many years and always liked its flexibility. I was really surprised that I can have all the customization with Evolution as well (beside some small really specific things). But I'm happy to give up on them for all the other advantages. Also the ability to access Maildir's directly is a huge plus, because I'm used to sync my mails with mbsync for offline usage.

@bjoern ClawsMail does email. Nothing more and nothing less, but very good.
I realised my usage changed from "just mail" to contacts, calendar management etc. And therefore I don't want to use various tools just to handle this part of my daily work.
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