@bjoern Nice! I just installed them. I recommend to uninstall previously any other nextcloud package from any other repository though.

@bjoern yay, wait a year or two and the nextcloud bug tracker will be full of reports written by people who cannot connect to their servers anymore and who think their clients are up to date because they run the most "recent" debian packages of a "supported" stable distro version.

@zalandocalrissian I think for the client it shouldn't be an issue. Of course you might miss some features but backward compatibility shouldn't break that often. We also have customers who might not update to the latest server version every few months. In the worst case I think there will be backports.

@bjoern well, let's hope your experience will be better than this


the article's author also mentions another point: "I am constantly getting email from users reporting bugs that have been fixed for literally years"

@bjoern Das ist ja super. Kommt zwar erst mit Debian10 aber gut. Ick froi mir.

@bjoern Oh, great! Though buster has been frozen, so I won't get it in testing for a few months.

@bjoern How about the server? Thats more important. There are some unofficial repos to install it but I hope there is a way to get them to main #Debian repos.

@pavi for the server I would always recommend to take the official zip/tar file. That's the most stable and secure way to run your Nextcloud and to keep it up-to-date.

@bjoern looks good, but only unstable :(. I hope it goes to backports soon

@bjoern Oh wow, I still have the version from AUR. Thanks!

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