"There is no trust in a world where anyone can invent their own definition for , and without trust there is no community, no collaboration, and no innovation." So true, way to many companies tries to trick you today by pretending, that Open Source just mean that you can see the source code. That's neither Open Source, nor , don't get fooled!


Congratulations, you've just added another definition to the list. 😁

I don't recall who was it that said that rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.

There are different degrees of openness but let's not make a religious war out of it, shall we. 👍

@61 It is not about "degrees of openess" it is about that there is a well defined term Open Source for more then 20 years in the IT industry. Wordplay is typically only done to trick people and to use the good reputation of Open Source to sell something which is not Open Source.


I agree with you re people trying to pass as #opensource stuff that isn't (#Signal for instance).

But you're not going to stop them from playing with semantics to argue otherwise.

One way to counteract that is community education via a descriptive rather than prescriptive approach.


This also accommodates slightly different but equally valid philosophies, e.g., #FSF and #OSI.

@61 It is the nature of language that almost everything has at least two meanings. But there is always context which gives stuff a distinct meaning. You have this in all specials fields. You also wouldn't argue with a astrophysicist that all the stars he talks about are not astronomical object but your favorite actors and musicians. While on a naive level you would be right, it makes absolutely no sense to insist on it in the special context unless you want to trick people....

@61 ... and you wouldn't say to astrophysicists: "Don't insist on your stupid definition of stars, it doesn't make sense to define something in your special field, people will always come up with their own definition." Just because of some trolls or people who want to exploit it by purpose, right?

@bjoern @61 There is an industry-maintained standard definition of #OpenSource for 20+ years now. Anyone arguing otherwise is literally screaming into the void.

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