"Every tap, button push and keyboard entry is recorded — effectively screenshotted — and sent back to the app developers", including credit card numbers, passwords, etc. When will people stop pretending that the system of a proprietary walled garden lead to more and ?

...while independent studies show that the direct opposite is true. Zero malware was found in the open, transparent and free appstore F-Droid

Do you have a playstore-free android phone?

I bought a Moto phone exactly a year ago, which is stuck at Android 7.1.2 and has Security path es from June 2018. No security holes have been closed since then. Unfortunately a custom ROM Is also not available.
My ad blocker (Blokada from fdroid) blocks 10000 tracking requests per week and some apps segfault when using this blocker (including DB Navigator).

Compared with this situation an iOS device is "the users paradise".

I can't, because I'm going by train indeed and need to buy and manage my tickets.

@niebegegnet @bjoern Ah yes, I forgot that öffi doesn't support that :(

@bjoern as soon as they learn to value truth over comfort.


That's too facile an answer, given how many we have on the fediverse throwing stones in the name of privacy from their Apple glass houses.

I can only guess their hypocrisy is born of denial, out of desperation for some firm place to stand. I'm not sure there is such a place though.

Acknowledging that can be terrifying, doing so without despair, excruciating.


@bjoern it sounds bad and I don’t like it myself, but the same developers receiving this information can probably pull it from their databases anyway. etc are legitimate business. That’s not to say other more nefarious devs aren’t stealing information.

@jamie most likely not but Apple has some properties which makes it especially critical. Nobody restricts the walled garden as much as Apple. No alternative app store is allowed, no way to install a app directly and no way to install a different operating system. So you have to use what Apple offers you through their app store. They are also quite hostile to Free Software through their app store rules, which makes it (arguable) impossible to distribute GPL software - 1/2

@jamie Further some privacy advocates argue that this tight control is an advantage because Apple can make sure that no malicious software enters the store. But this news and other in the past show, that they can't or don't want to. On the other hand open and transparent app stores with Free Software, which everyone can inspect, seems to do a much better job in protecting our privacy. - 2/2

@bjoern Thanks for the reply, and the explanation! I wish Apple did let me have the choice of an open app store. I enjoyed using F-Droid on Android. I'll do some research on the GPL issue. I've heard this before but don't understand enough about it.

@jamie Here is one not-too-bad place to start. There is some confusion in the discussion, but there are also people correcting it.…
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