Just tried in a VM and was really impressed.It changed a lot since the last time I tried it. Especially I like how the setup dialog of integrates ... I really consider giving it a real try.

kannst du mir die Versionsnummer nennen? das wäre nett.

@tunda Ich habe die aktuelle KDE Neon Live-CD getestet, KDE 5.15.0 und KMail 5.10.2

@bjoern Don't forget in your kmail identity to also auto sign and to auto encrypt message when possible :)

@bjoern I left Xfce behind for various reasons and never got myself used to Gnome. KDE is now my daily driver and I really like it. Flexible like Xfce and modern, constantly developed like Gnome.

@bjoern "Your e-mail provider does not support key publishing." would indicate they also support GPG Web Key Directory, that's cool and modern, I'm eager to try it out!

@wiktor yes, that's also what I thought... Pretty cool. 😎 Although, what confused me was that I have installed a WKD on the domain of my email address, but that's a different one than the domain of the IMAP/SMTP server. So I wonder why my WKD was not discovered, maybe because it is read only...

@bjoern The message is about "key publishing" maybe it complained about missing submission address file? (

You may want to create an empty policy file ( I know some parties will scan for that to check if WKD is supported (e.g. ProtonMail).

By the way does is fetch the keys automatically for new addresses? E.g. will typing an e-mail to "" fetch the key? If so this is fantastic :)

@wiktor Thanks, I added now the empty policy file. Kmail still says that it can't publish the keys to my mail server but I assume that's because it is read only without any possibility to publish keys automatically. But I hope the policy file will improve compatibility with clients who want to fetch my key.

@bjoern No problem :) You can check server logs if KMail scans for "submission-address" file. One way or another WKD is simple enough, no need for that in practice in my opinion.

Have a nice day! 👋

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