I just learned that will abandon . In general I think it is a good move to look for something more modern. I'm curious what they will chose at the end. For me the three main qualities would be: (aka Free Software), & (aka open protocols)

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I read rumors about Zulip being the replacement, but I really hope they go for @matrix

Didn't heard about Zulip before. From a gut feeling I would have suggested Matrix as well, as other Free Software communities started to adopt it too. But reading this, I have to say they have a quite interesting approach and I can agree with almost everything said: That's the reason why I still prefer asynchronous communication (mail, discourse,...) to a large extend and use real-time chats mostly as the "virtual water cooler".

I admit I didn't read it neither because my first though has been "oh no, yet another chat app", but indeed I agree with them too.

@ilpianista @bjoern I hate to admit it, since I’m in the camp of “nothing has really improved on IRC,” but Zulip’s model seems like it might do just that

@tuttle @bjoern @ilpianista

Seems like Zulip was bought and is owned by dropbox. See their history page here:

@tuttle @bjoern @ilpianista

Not sure whether it's really independent after the relaunch, but in this case the copyright file should mention dropbox' copyright only before the split I suppose?

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it". That's why IRC is still alive and kicking. Sure, it's faded to obscurity these days, but that doesn't make it any less capable of doing the job many have used it for. While I like Slack and other clones of it, unless the features they provide are truly needed, I feel that IRC will work just fine. Heck, even the TWiT studios use IRC since they don't need anything "more" like Slack and Discord, etc provide.

@DonMcCollough Of course it depends on your exact needs. But for me IRC has quite some short comings and imho doesn't provide what most people expect in 2019. Stuff like multi device support, message history, cross device notifications, good mobile clients, etc. Many people I know and who say "IRC is fine, I don't need something else" work around this short comings with their self-hosted bouncer, IRCCloud, etc. which I would argue is a prove of my point not a disproof.

@bjoern I never started out to prove or disprove anything/anyone. Merely sharing a personal opinion about the platform

Sorry, the last sentence was not about you but about my general experience. I should have been more precise.

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