You're thinking about smart cities in completely the wrong way - Technology gives us an opportunity to make cities more open, inclusive and democratic. But only if it's used in the right way, says Barcelona's chief technology officer, Francesca Bria


@kirschwipfel I'm not a friend of demonizing new technologies in general. No matter if it is about smart cities, the cloud, social networks or other innovations. This technologies won't go away, you can't stop technological progress. For me the challenge is to shape technology in a way that it works for society and not against society.

@bjoern @kirschwipfel Whenever I see the word 'smart' I replace it for surveillance, seems more honest that way.
As far are 'stopping' progress.. Well, progress for the sake of growth needs to stop dead in it's tracks. We need to stop carbon emissions now which means completely rethinking industry, production, transport, food sources and, of course, tech at a global scale. Recently I heard that Bitcoin consumes the same amount of energy as Ireland. Imagen how much energy the smart cloud burns!
By the way, take it from me, don't believe everything the chief technology officer says.

@tuttle @kirschwipfel I agree with everything you said about the negative effect of _some_ progress. But as said before, I don't think we can stop progress and we shouldn't stop it. We have the responsible to shape progress in a way that benefits the whole society in the long run. Without progress we wont solve the challenges ahead of us as your description of the status quo shows.

@tuttle @kirschwipfel Let's take one example which affects all of us here. Imagine everyone would have just said social networks are bad, don't use them. Then we would not have this nice place here. Changing the world in a positive way means to accept the challenges ahead and shape society, technology and innovation in a positive way. You can't achieve this if you refuse progress. Positive change means progress not remaining at status quo.

@bjoern Do you know how the Nextcloud embedded in the NEC home routers project going? That would be progress. @kirschwipfel
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