Political satirist Christine Prayon was awarded the 10,000 Euro Dieter Hildebrandt Prize of the City of and donated the prize money to the Free Software Foundation Europe. She used her thank-you speech to put the finger on one of Munich's sore spots and criticised Munich's switch back to proprietary systems. You can watch here thank-you speech now here (de)

@bjoern in times of manipulation of everything, I still have the question, why Christine Prayon changed her dress (from black to red) between getting the price, and giving her speech? Is this video forgery or truth?

@bjoern @angry
The red dress is already there in the first second. Look closely. You'll figure it out ;)

@bjoern makes you wonder if she'd have used the money to buy Ms office licenses if she got it right after Limux started. Because that's satire right?

@juliank @bjoern political satire doesn't mean you go against the current situation, but that you criticise the flaws of the current situation with humour. She would probably have made fun of some other systemic problem she finds important and given the money to another cause close to her heart

@bjoern pretty funny, even though my German isn't super great. She should have mentioned the suspicious timing between the new MS HQ in Munich and the decision to dump LiMux 🤔

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