A few weeks ago I enabled for the fist time for a 1:1 chat in and it was really cumbersome until all devices of all participants where verified correctly. Nothing I could do with any "normal" user. Hope there will be a more intuitive solution like in the future and leave device verification to the people who really need/want it.

@bjoern yea, we enabled encryption in a chat with one person here and it's a headache since then. No amount of cross-verification helps.

Interesting observation. How would you compare it to #XMPP on #Android? Is encrypting a 1:1 chat with #OMEMO (using two #Conversations clients) easier or more difficult? (neglecting desktop clients for the moment)

@masoud I think Conversations does many things right in this regard. By default all devices are trusted, no error messages, no warnings. Only if I start to explicitly verify one of your devices our relationship become more strict. From this point on I will get a warning when a new device shows up and I have to verify it. IMHO that's a good tradeoff, by default it is user friendly and if I want to have this extra level of security it becomes more strict.

@bjoern @masoud I also think that the „blind trust before verification“ is currently the best approach.

Daniel Gultsch also has explained it nicely:

@bjoern They are working on cross-signing, so you'll only have to verify one of each user's devices.

Security comes with a price!

Nothing wrong to have to verify devices, That ensures you know who you are talking to.

Besides, it is not hard at all to verify.

That is how I feel about this. :)

Good security depends on many things, threat model, personal security needs, usability to make sure people use it and use it right,.. There are definitely people who need a high level of security, protecting them from targeted surveillance, including knowing and verifying every device. For other people it is enough to protect each other from mass surveillance - 1/2

@Divert We need to design security for the masses with the extra features for the few if we want to succeed - 2/2

I have to agree with you.

In that sense I think #matrix is very good/granular, you can do anything from non encrypted chats on public servers, all the way to E2E encrypted chat on your own server... your choice.

The only feature that I really miss is message auto-delete.

@Divert What I'm waiting for (and afaik it is on the roadmap) is E2E by default, ideally with no possibility to opt-out. Because that's the only way to make encrypted communication the default. For this it is crucial that by default it is completely transparent to the users, like Signal, Wire, Conversations,... I have a lot of trust in the Matrix people and I'm sure they will get there.


I don't think there is a point on encrypting large public rooms.(+2000 users) And if this will harm performance I would appreciate to have the option to not encrypt such rooms.

Other than that, I agree with encrypting everything else. So I would be on the side of having an opt-out for some rooms.

@Divert If it is true e2ee encryption it should only increase the load on the clients. But yeah, that isn't very desirable on mobile clients.
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