When I go to my parents home I see hundreds of books in their shelves and I can discover many interesting topics. Without this opportunity I would never have read many interesting books. Did you already realised that the next generation will no longer have the same possibilities? These days most parents only "buy" eBook which can disappear at any time? What does this mean for our children and our cultural heritage?

@bjoern my parents didn't have many books, just a few randoms - and then a 20-volume encyclopedia. That encyclopedia was my most read nonfiction book as a child way until I got to the university. Kids these days have wikipedia for the same purpose.


The thing about Wikipedia is that it isn't a real encyclopedia in terms of reviewing.

Sure the English version pretty good but local versions of some smaller communities are a trainwreck depending on the moderators.

For example the Croatian Wikipedia regularly has been promoting fascism, conspiracy theories and a lack of sources in general giving Wikipedia admins a real headache with the moderation team.

@bjoern I do not think that it is so bad. As far as I know there are until now more real books bought then ebooks.
For me the greater danger is the destroying of bookstores through amazon and co.

@wromey Today we have libraries hundreds or thousand years old. Some of the oldest books are more then 2.000 years old. Do you think any of today's ebooks will still exist in 2.000 years? I doubt it, even without DRM this is a tough challenge. Many DRM-broken books will probably disappear within less then 100 years.

Most of the printed books habe disappeared. Fortunately some have been saved along the long way. - In Germany we have the Deutsche Bibliothek in Leipzig, which collects most of the in Germany printed works. I have to finde out, what they are doing with eBooks.

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