@bjoern Just testing whether your blog comment system works, sorry ;)

@mxmehl works (again), I had to update the Mastodon lib to use v2 of the Mastdon API instead of v1.

@bjoern Oh nice, thanks! I'm thinking about boldly copying this for my own blog because it's just what I need and a very nice implementation. But I was also thinking of changing it so it doesn't need authentication. Let's see :)


@mxmehl let me know when you find a way. When I developed it the only reliable way to find the toot and all the comments, likes, reshares was to use the share API which is/was only available for logged-in users.

@bjoern My idea was to get all my toots (/account/id/statuses), find the first mention of the blog in there, and then use /statuses/id/context like you do. I was also thinking of caching all my toots (and using min_id to reduce the amount) so that we only have to check the context regularly. For these functions registration does not seem to be necessary

@bjoern Finished and implemented on mehl.mx. Only the last recent post is actually posted on my Mastodon, so that's the place to see it in action. I've reused the basic idea, CSS and JS, but rewrote the PHP code to make what I want. By that it lost a lot of your nice structure, but hey, it works ;) src.mehl.mx/mxmehl/hugo-mastod

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