#Infosec people and enthusiasts, I have a quick question: My aunt is a teacher (in Germany) and is lookong for a secure messager for her and her students (#WhatsApp has been banned at the school!)
She's considering #Threema which is of course paid, I suggested #Telegram even though it has come under a bit of flag lately it should be secure enough for them and somewhat widespread. Also of course #Signal - Your thoughts?

I guess with #matrix they could connect with other schools in future.

@nurinoas @JoergSorge @Ayior

Problem with Signal: If you don't have or don't want a smartphone, you're fucked. If you want to run a non-mainstream OS (android, IOS) on your smartphone, you're fucked.

You have to have a working smartphone to even use for instance the signal desktop client.

--> so in your case, there might be some poor student who can't afford a smartphone.


@nurinoas @JoergSorge @Ayior
And one really important reason against any messenger based on phone numbers: Both teachers and students might have good reasons not to share their phone number with everyone just because they are in the same class or course.

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