The French government switched to Matrix, the German government evaluates free, open and federated messaging solutions, Nextcloud Talk became a great Slack replacement, public authorities in Germany consider a mass exodus from Twitter & Co after EuGH ruling, next stop Mastodon... Seems like we have both, the (political) momentum and the technology to make 2020 a great year for the free & open internet!

@bjoern I read that Nextcloud talk will get XMPP integration, can you share what is the status of this?

@dlq I think XMPP is quite unlikely, for technical reasons. But bridging with Matrix might be feasible and interesting in the long run. Of course everyone is invited to help making stuff happening earlier 😉

@bjoern Hm, okay. I am refeering to this: "We want to expose the Chat feature via an XMPP compatible API so that third party Chat Apps can talk to a Nextcloud Talk server. And we will also integrate chat into our mobile apps. I hope that Desktop chat apps also integrate this natively. for example on KDE and GNOME. This should be relatively easy because of the standard XMPP BOSH protocol."…

@dlq yes, this was planed but unfortunately technically not as easy as we thought. Matrix is still a option, as far as I can say and something similar to the Biboumi XMPP/IRC gateway might be feasible as well.

@bjoern @dlq - however, I would like to see a deeper integration between XMPP and Nextcloud... like e.g. Nextcloud being used for file uploads in XMPP and that you can share via XMPP as well.

I do run a Matrix server myself and it is working nice, but I don't think Matrix is the holy grail. Key handling surely is an issue for non-techies...

@bjoern What's this story about public authorities in Germany and Twitter?

@bjoernstaerk there is a EuGH ruling which makes owners of Facebook/Twitter profiles jointly responsible for data protection violations. Therefore data protection officers in Germany consider ordering all public authorities to leave Twitter, Facebook & Co. (de)

@bjoern fight the governements.. we do not need them to tell us what to do. :anarchoheart2:

@bjoern Within half a century, the Ancien Régime in The Hague will follow best practices in real countries in our region.

@bjoern Norwegian government barely know what data protection and privacy is, but I hope we too can get there someday 😁 Most politicians are not very young, so I guess it's natural for the politics to lag behind a bit.. I have great hopes for 2020 though!

@bjoern i hope the platform and the people are indeed ready for prime time. the security and privacy guarantees could still do with some improvements.

@bjoern my university created an instance a few months ago and it turned into a complete disaster, which is why i'm more wary of large influxes than i used to be.

@bjoern the French government is going to learn to hate Synapse. :blobcatinnocent:

Egal was andere noch dazu beitragen, ich denke da bewegt sich was...
Bundeswehr denkt über Matrix nach
Datenschutzbeauftragter stellt Twitter & Facebook für Behörden in Frage und denkt über Mastodon & co. nach
Ministerien prüfen Nextcloud

vlt ganz gut dass der oberste Datenschützer im fediverse die notwendigen Positiv.Erfahrungen gemacht hat.

@troetschubser soviel ich weis, hat er aber noch seinen Twitter account... oder? @bjoern

ist ja ok. Da erreicht er ja Masse und hier Klasse... Gg

@troetschubser @vilbi @bjoern
so von wegen @ulrichkelber und vor der Klasse sprechen... klare Seh-Empfehlung für seinen Talk auf dem #36c3: Er spricht sich da u.a. sehr klar für eine IT aus, die Europäische Werte als Unique Selling Point bewirbt und nicht versucht, ein schlechter Abklatsch von USA/China zu sein. Die Q&A am Ende beinhaltet auch nochmal ein paar schöne Spitzen :)

@bjoern I can add here: I use Mattermost at work. And am happy with it! Despite it being written using web technologies, it still works very fast and easy on machine.

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