#softwareGripe Why does #Nextcloud use such a totally weird-ash date convention (dd-mm-yyyy) that is, like, the worst possible combination of the US and EU systems?

And why isn't it _configurable_? Yes there is a date configuration item in config.php, but the format it defines is "'F d, Y H:i:s'" -- which... I don't even know where that appears in the UI. The place where this comes up is in the popup where you set events (screenshot attached), and that's "d/m/Y" (and yes, I've searched the server source repository on GitHub -- no matches).

I'll dive into the code eventually, but... this should be configurable, at the very least.

cc: @nextcloud


@woozle @nextcloud it depends on your "Locale" settings on your profile in the personal settings, e.g. for me it looks like this (Locales set to "German"):

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@bjoern @nextcloud

Heck, I thought you were on to something for a minute, but it's already set to "English (United States)".

I had the "language" set to "English (UK)", which I thought might also be the problem, but switching it to "English (US)" didn't change the calendar display... OH WAIT YES IT DID. I guess there was some propagation delay.

Thank you!

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