published a guide to video call apps’ privacy and security features and flaws. I'm disappointed, the guide focus way to much on proprietary and centralized services instead of highlighting the benefits of free and decentralized solutions. ...not a

@bjoern Yeah, it's not exactly what I would've expected from Mozilla. Which path are they going? Is this a US-European perspective thing?

@bjoern It's Mozilla, I'm not sure they care about Open Source and Free Software as much as they did before. I still use Firefox because I don't want a browser mono culture but it is the only reason.

@bjoern some really weak bars for judgement here. An app that allows but doesn't require a password passes their check but Discord which allows weak passwords doesn't. Google Duo claiming end to end encryption is taken at their word in an arena where that's notoriously problematic (group video). It all seems pretty surface level.

@bjoern This is like the Zoom conference the EFF did recently to talk about privacy.


It's poor. The scoring and review comparisons don't make it very easy to compare the various pros and cons.

This doesn't encourage regular folk to replace the big tech solution or even understand the risks.

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