I'm really sad to hear that Thomas decided to leave all social networks and with it the development of .

It was always my preferred app for and . I will continue to use it as long as possible and hope that others will pick it up.

I can understand his decision on a personal level and wish him all the best. We should not allow such toxic behavior in our communities and take a clear stance against it.


@bjoern I keep saying that social media sucks. I used to be optimistic in hoping that issues typical to FB or TT (like hatred, misinformation and alike) will never reach groups like Fosstodon and similar, but apparently people are people and we should be expecting Spanish Inquisition anytime, anywhere. Damn.

@xpil It is always the people. People don't change just because you change the playground, no matter if it is a physical or a virtual playground. In Germany we have a lot of discussions about Telegram because it is used a lot by conspiracy storytellers. People get angry about Telegram because they don't shutdown this groups. But it is not Telegram, it's the people. If you shutdown the Telegram groups today the same would happen on any other chat system.

I'm an user of Fedilab and am very aware of the push on blocking instances at the app level that he didn't want to participate on, which might be the mistake he was talking about in the post. I hope he can return someday, when the social climate is less toxic (if ever).

That's a real loss but unsurprising considering the level of unmoderated abuse that goes on in different parts of the Fediverse.

I hope he does well. I've interacted with him a few times. He is a helpful, kind person.


The kind of #FOSS development he's been doing is a typical #B2MC (business to mass consumer) situation, only unpaid. The same basic rule applies:

> Always treat your #customers with extreme contempt. They are out there for no other reason than to take advantage of you. Strike first and strike hard. Use them and dump them.

I'm really sorry about this. Especially because I use Fedilab myself. As great as the FLOSS community can be... sometimes I'm really concerned about the level of toxicity some parts of it reached during ta past few years. It's sad to see developers quitting because they get hate from the community.

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