I'm looking for a in-ear (stereo) which works for video conferences on .

Currently I have the Jabre Elite 65t, they work nicely as headphones but the microphone doesn't work on Linux. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find any information about this on any product description.

Any first-hand experience and recommendations?

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@bjoern what I found important for solving my Bluetooth in Linux issues was a USB Bluetooth sound card. Without that I couldn't get acceptable quality when in a call.
I got one of these, things are better and easier with it:

@bjoern usually had issues with bluetooth cause when using both (input and output) the codecs defaulted to really bad quality. deactivating the mic allowed for high qual audio.
would recommend cable bound, honestly.

@janhdt @bjoern USB sound cards with BT output is the solution to that

@bjoern I'm using google pixel buds, which I am very happy with and work well with my #ubuntu dell laptop.

@bjoern Jabra Evolve2 65 works brilliant with the included USB-(Bluetooth) dongle. Typically you can either have good audio quality with A2DP protoctol but broken microphone, or using headset protoctol HFP/HFS with working mic but very bad audio.

@fuenf @bjoern Das unterstreiche ich. Entweder Bluetooth-Dongle + Headset oder miese Qualität. Bin daher auf kabelgebunden. :-/

@kuketzblog @fuenf Danke, dann werde ich mich mal nach einem Bluetooth-Dongle umschauen. Ein sehr gutes kabelgebundenes Headset habe ich bereits. Trotzdem wünsche ich mir bei Video-Meeting oder Aufzeichnungen für Konferenzen/Webinare oft ein etwas weniger auffälliges Headset.

@bjoern @kuketzblog @fuenf Is there any way to make the setting for HFP/HFS permanent? Some kind of conf-file? I have to go to the audio settings every morning...

@bjoern Das Problem solltest du lösen können, indem du bessere Codecs in den PA patcht:

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