I switched my working laptop to and I have to admit that I already felt in love. You can see and feel that they try to build a product ready for day-to-day use and not just a collection of great Free Software. It's are just all the small details which sum up to a great user experience especially in the combination with .

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@bjoern since I am also big fan of Gnome, I wonder what are some of the details that makes the difference and you loving Fedora?

@3rik @bjoern to be able to upgrade the system in Gnome software :)

@Arco @3rik or the whole setup process & first run wizard (I know, you do it only once but still impressive). All the software install options through Gnome software, including bios updates if supported by your device and flatpacks (so you have elements, signal, ,... all at your fingertip), the Nextcloud client comes with Nautilus integration enabled through the gnome cloud providers api (see attached screenshot). You can feel the end-user focus in so many areas.

@bjoern thank you for the feedback. This is exactly our vision: being a solid end-user product through those little UX details.
They are hard to sell beforehand, but once you experience it...

You are on a really good path and achieved already a lot! Keep up the great work!

Which System did you use before you switched top fedora?

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