We have to be careful not to end up in a situation like about 16 years ago when websites were optimized for certain browsers. These days it is not Internet but . Now it's the time to act if you care about a free and open web. Refuse to use Google Chrome!

@bjoern Chrome supports reasonable and free-as-in-speech media formats like OGG, opus, webm, and implements WebRTC etc., all things neither Safari nor Edge do. Maybe be more specific and say people should switch to Firefox? :)

@bjoern If you're on a GNOME-based system Epiphany's another good option (also self-plug appstream://com.github.alcinnz.odysseus.desktop). We support all the video formats, as long as they're not using EME.

@bjoern that's a very late advice… and the article completely ignores the Blink-derivative browsers. Chrome *engine* is what matters for web standards, and the derivatives bring the usage to over 70% (>90% on mobiles).

@bjoern Yes! This is already causing some friction at work where some people want to sue chrome-specific services like google hangouts. So far I've managed to resist though.

@bjoern I use both Firefox and Chrome basically every day - I usually need to be running two browsers (in order to stay logged in to different things), and I'm not sure what would be a good extra choice if I dropped Chrome. Any good alternatives?

You could use the default browser of your operating system / desktop next to Firefox. Or you start Firefox twice, each time with a separate profile.

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