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Björn Schießle @bjoern

You want to break with old habits? Getting used to use a new search engine, online translator, etc. can be really hard. I just learned about , a nice and extension which allows you to block certain URLs or forward them. You can set up rules like "forward to" or "forward to". Now every time your bad habit kicks in, your browser will remind you what you really want to do. 😀

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ooh that's great. Could be also something to install on others computers. :)

(sidenote: one doesn't just install something on others computer (unless you're hacking, have great intention and stay within the hacker codex) without asking for permission before)

@bjoern Is a good alternative? I've been trying to find basically any alternative to Google Translate. The only Google service I still exclusively use. :(

@hund I like the quality of the translations of In my erperience it it much better than Google translator. Honestly I didn't looked that much into the data protection policies and so on. Definitely on my ToDo. For now quality and diversity are the main reasons I use instead of Google translator.

@bjoern I didn't know about !