removes from search autocomplete in anti-piracy effort - the article state "But, while Kodi is legal software, it remains a space that enables piracy, akin to platforms like BitTorrent."... Yes, like any general purpose computer. 🙄

@bjoern hilarious, seeing as one can search google to find torrents...

@bjoern Is there a better search engine yet? I've tried Duck Duck Go, Bing, etc. but I don't think they give accurate results, either. We need a mastodon of Search

Personally I like At the end it searches Google for you but respects your privacy. So the search results are "as good as google". Other recommend DuckDuckGo, YaCy. Lately some other search was mentioned but I can't remember the name and don't find it anymore.

@bjoern Thanks! I didn't know about YaCy, I'll check it out. I would love to get as much out of the hands of big companies and to the people as possible.

@bjoern @anw hi - stumbled over this conversation, and can’t help mentioning as an alternative open source search engine - apart from that I’ve collected a list of private search engines here

@brianschildt @bjoern brilliant, thank you for bringing this to my attention!

@anw @bjoern I'll also vouch for #startpage. For me, duckduckgo's relevance got noticeably worse a few months ago and hasn't gotten better again, so I finally switched to startpage on my phone as a test. Relevance is much better, and it doesn't assume I'm searching for Y when I typed X nearly as much as #duckduckgo. It is a bit slower though because it's proxying Google results.

Das "Internet" geht langsam aber sicher kaputt. 😕

@bjoern the Kodi guy now are forced to change again the name of the project because now is associated as a piracy tool thanks to stupid legislators.

Tbf, the pirate media box distributors didn't help much. But what can they do? When I buy one, I want to make sure it's kodi based so I could install addons on it. Also these always use Android but their reputation never gets tarnished.

@0xf00fc7c8 Kodi foundation can sue anyone advertise their media boxes as Kodi-powered or something, or use a license that desn't permit selling media bixes with kodi preinstalled (tbh i don't if GPL give faculty to deny preinstallation of software)

They could maybe prevent the logo from being used, but I don't think a trademark can prevent a factual statement akin to "kodi is installed on this Android SOC".

@emmeci not necessarily, as long as geeks like (presumably) you and I know about Kodi we can still recommend it to friends and family. Most people wouldn't even be able to find it without us, even before this change in search results.

@RyuKurisu what i'm worried about this is that some court and authorities can block access to Kodi website and repositories host his sour e code and binaries like torrent sites blocked only for some links to the real files.

@bjoern @FuckOffGoogle the usual google censorship... checkout we want to kick googlw out of this plannnet :D

@bjoern wait .. let me go Google ar51 .. nope still works.

@bjoern Every Google product ever made can be used for piracy too.

@bjoern the same Google, with youtube stacked full of unauthorised content from German public broadcasters (that the DE taxpayer funded?)

OK for me this is a bonus as I can use this to improve my German and I download things I feel might disappear due to copyright strikes, but its bizzare double standards (maybe real reason it some Kodi plugins can download YT without delivering ads?)

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