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Björn Schießle 🇪🇺

A few years ago I tried a Android app where you could send a message to all users of the same app next to you (radius of a few kilometers), if one of them re-shared it the same happened again, and so on. On a map you could see how far your message spread. I think this was a quite interesting concept and wonder if this app still exists. Do you know what I'm talking about?

A friend of mine did code an application called Rumble that has this kind of proximity-sharing features :)

no, but I would be interested in.
let me know if you find it

No, it was something different, if I remember correctly it was even before Jodel. But thanks!

@bjoern was the logo/splash page something white with an inky black splotch on it or something? i remember seeing this but can't for the life of me remember what it's called and everything applicable is really hard to search for (words like android app/picture/share/viral/map/etc)

Yes, could be. I also tried really hard but couldn't find it. Because as you said, what should you search for.