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Björn Schießle

"Es gibt zu viel von allem". Interessante Sicht auf die Lage der Weltwirtschaft indem selbst zeitlich begrenzte Monopolrechte aka "geistiges Eigentum" sehr schon erwähnt werden.

Victor Hugo's thoughts on copyright in the 1870's, according to Wikipedia one of the greatest and best-known French writers. Today we would probably call it , , ,...

Signal (at least on Android) seems to have some serious issues with updating the contacts list. There are multiple issues about it. This makes me optimistic that it will be fixed soon.

"The question is whether we’re ready to exercise our data sovereignty, or whether we’re content to play passive victims while surveillance capitalism extends ever finer threads into every corner of our lives." - The solutions are out there, we just have to use them... Signal instead of WhatsApp, Diaspora instead of Facebook, Mastodon instead of Twitter... You have the choice.

Dezentrale Strukturen sind ein entscheidender Faktor um die Sicherheit zu erhöhen. Dank Konzepten wie kann das völlig transparent für die Anwender geschehen.

Viele gute Punkte wie man die IT Sicherheit nachhaltig verbessern kann. Der Einsatz Freier Software spielt hierbei eine zentrale Rolle, dies erfordert aber auch einen neuen Umgang mit Software.

100% Free Software and no Contributor Agreement are one of the key principles of Nextcloud.

Frank Karlitschek at FOSDEM about why he forked his own company and project...

Polina and Max talking at the pre-FOSDEM meeting in Brussels about FSFE campaign Public Money, Public Code. via

Last weekend I found some time to free my Android. Feels so good and notably faster. no- services, sync to instead, (almost) only, enhanced

Saw it the first time, F-Droid now allows you to add a donate button... I like it!

"The next steps for secure enterprise file sync and share". Frank Karlitschek presents Nextcloud in a crowded room at the South Tyrol Free Software Conference

Things developers do and will never admit... at least the thing with the slack message can never happen to me ;)

Had a great audience at the "Fellbacher Weltwochen" discussing how Free Software can help to foster education and grow the local economy. Slides can be found here: (de)

They’re hip, they’re slick and they follow you everywhere. They know you like new shoes, playing tennis and tweeting at odd hours of the morning. Do you know what that says about your health, your relationships and your spending power? No? Well, the online companies do.

Thanks to all the people working so hard to drive software freedom forward! Happy Software Freedom Day!