Just wanted to look something up at opensource.org and saw this appeal for donations. I really like how shifted their focus the last few years again more and more on the roots and core value of our movement by speaking more about software freedom, , etc.

15 is here with many great improvements, especially in the area of real-time collaboration and with the fist version of the Social app based on . Yes, we are joining the ! 👋 Get it while it is hot... nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-1

Nice, after updating to 11 everything is green ("ja" === supported by the server). 🙂

lol, just found this at a article about Red Hat and IBM. It took me some time until I saw it, but now I don't get it out of my head and always see directly the T-Rex and the Triceratops when looking at the logo 😂

Auf Wiedersehen Dresden! Es war sehr schön hier mit vielen spannenden Diskussionen zu an der HTW. Danke auch an @schmittlauch für dir gute Organisation!

"I am going to write a complete Unix-compatible software system called GNU (for Gnu's Not Unix), and give it away free to everyone who can use it." - This was the birth of / happy birthday and thanks for this enormous gift! gnu.org/gnu/initial-announceme

I'm looking forward to give a lecture about the history and philosophy of Free Software at the TU Dresden... First slide is already done. Not sure if I will keep the title but that's my current catchy tune when I think about the content. 😉

I use now to enable comments and to show likes and reshares on my otherwise static webpage. I wrote a small JavaScript and PHP script for it which you can find here: gitlab.com/BeS/hugo-sustain-ng Feel free to reuse it. 🙂

Noch beunruhigender finde ich, dass ich der aktuellen Regierung so wie sie momentan aufgestellt ist nicht zutraue damit angemessen umzugehen. Ich hoffe ich werde eines besseren belehrt.
RT @GrueneBundestag@twitter.com Der Chef des Verfassungsschutzes verbreitet rechte Verschwörungstheorien. Das ist ein unfassbarer Vorgang. @KonstantinNotz@twitter.com zu , , .

Es genügt nicht "die digitale Welt nur zu verstehen, man muss dann auch anfangen, sie zu verändern" - In nur einem Jahr hat Roland Hummel der Uni das Thema schmackhaft gemacht und dabei gezeigt, wie erfolgreicher Aktivismus im 21. Jahrhundert aussieht. unauf.de/2018/der-marsch-durch

I live on the Republic, and like to travel the sea, 3 hills, the ocean and the sea... 🙂 How about you?

Why did the municipality of choose ? Silva Arapi at the Nextcloud conference is sharing the work done until now, challenges faced and future plans for implementing other solutions.

"We are excited to announce that through a partnership with Platforms and Waffle Computer, millions of routers will be equipped with , bringing , and file exchange to their users" nextcloud.com/blog/japan-to-ad

Today the conference started. Sadly I can't attend this year but I wish everyone a great time! Don't miss it if you have a chance to go there, even on short notice. That's the place to be if you care about software freedom in the cloud! nextcloud.com/conf/

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A street artist has been improving Facebook billboards across London.

h/t @protestencil@twitter.com

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