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Björn Schießle 🇪🇺

Is this a native Mastodon app and a native newspaper app? No, although it looks like it is. It is just the awesome Web feature which can turn a web page into a desktop app. I really like it and use it more and more.

Why Free Software need free tools? Because we shouldn't be hypocrats. We, as developers, have to listen to our own arguments when we say that the openes of our software is the reason to chose our software in order to avoid vendor lock-in and for security and privacy reasons.

EU parliament calls for to be pulled until US complies. Don't want to wait until the legal stuff is sorted out, if it will happen at all? Chose today and host your data at a secure, trusted and legally compliant location.

Some impression from my talk at the about software freedom in the cloud, earlier today. I got a lot of positive feedback and had many followup discussions.

RT "The world would be an awful place without children who bring their innocence and perfection with them."

John Ruskin

That's also one of the reasons why I like from more then stupid 's. I'm happy to see advertisement if I use journalistic content for free as long as it respects my privacy and isn't a security risk to my computers.

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Unbelievable that it is already two years since we started ... What a ride. I'm especially thankful to the community which to a large extend immediately understood what we are trying to achieve and joined us.

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How Spanish administrations reuse software - an interview with Elena Muñoz Salinero about best practices.

"Es gibt zu viel von allem". Interessante Sicht auf die Lage der Weltwirtschaft indem selbst zeitlich begrenzte Monopolrechte aka "geistiges Eigentum" sehr schon erwähnt werden.

Victor Hugo's thoughts on copyright in the 1870's, according to Wikipedia one of the greatest and best-known French writers. Today we would probably call it , , ,...

Signal (at least on Android) seems to have some serious issues with updating the contacts list. There are multiple issues about it. This makes me optimistic that it will be fixed soon.

"The question is whether we’re ready to exercise our data sovereignty, or whether we’re content to play passive victims while surveillance capitalism extends ever finer threads into every corner of our lives." - The solutions are out there, we just have to use them... Signal instead of WhatsApp, Diaspora instead of Facebook, Mastodon instead of Twitter... You have the choice.