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Björn Schießle 🇪🇺

Sounds bad, I'm just in the process of switching to Tilix, maybe I should reconsider. But it looks like a memory leak, maybe consider a bug report?

Why Free Software need free tools? Because we shouldn't be hypocrats. We, as developers, have to listen to our own arguments when we say that the openes of our software is the reason to chose our software in order to avoid vendor lock-in and for security and privacy reasons.

Auf dem letzten Hackathon der ( wurde auch an Erweiterungen/Anpassungen gearbeitet. Wir freuen uns natürlich immer über pull requests und neue apps auf 😉

We at @fsfe are looking for a project manager to support our work to empower people to control technology.

Help us manage and organise larger @fsfe events in the legal, economic, social or political field & support our volunteers

@mykhas I never used the iOS app, so I can't really test it. But my assumption was the automatic photo upload exists already for a long time and the feature list seems to support my assumption:
If this doesn't work for you I would recommend to open a bug report:

I hear this argument also from time to time but consider it really shortsighted. For me it sounds like: "you don't need privacy if you have nothing to hide and do nothing wrong", "we don't need laws because we all know how to behave", "we don't need copyleft because we all share our software anyway and always",...

Cc @ebel

Most conferences in Germany have a code of conduct and I think this is the same in most other countries. I would say that a CoC is pretty standard for every notable (tech) event these days. Everyone who doesn't have one yet should really consider to catch up.

Works here now as well. Looks like it was a caching issue or something similar. After I closed all tabs and killed the browser it worked again.

Strange, I can visit the @GetTogetherComm webpage with the build-in browser of Mastalab but if I try to access it with Fennec (Firefox) from F-Droid I just see a white page.

You: Why should users insist on using fully free and open source software on their devices?

Us: If you can't see the code, you can't trust the device.

You: Prove it.

Us: Chinese phone cameras self-activate with certain apps (e.g. browsers & chat apps).

Out of curiosity, what app is it? I never saw such a screen.

Hey eveyone! We're having a #Nextcloud Conference on August 23-30 in #Berlin! Join us for the hackweek or for the talks only on August 25-26 🙂

Cfp is open, more info about speakers soon!

The tickets are free, if you need travel support please read this:

#privacy #hackerspaces #cryptoparty #infosec #opensource

We are moving our account to the - Follow us there!

Kurzfilmtipp zum Thema gläsener Mensch:

"Lehrer Michael Gewa führt ein gewöhnliches Leben, nutzt das Internet, um sich sein Abendessen zu bestellen und Pornos zu schauen. Dann erhält er eine beunruhigende Nachricht von der Firma ’’b.good’’, die seine Internet- und Handydaten gekauft hat. Das dubiose Internetunternehmen erpresst ihn mit der öffentlichen Freigabe seiner privaten Daten."

Developers of proprietary development tools who are giving it away t no cost to software developers try to help and are often valuable community members, but we have to reject their offering.

"If you want to convince people, you need to create emotions". @italovignoli on marketing for !FreeSoftware at the @fsfe assembly #RMLL

Magst du am Donnerstag zum FSFE-Stammtisch in Zürich ins Liip kommen? Wir haben einen interessanten Gast und schöne neue Ideen.

Sounds great! Didn't know that there is a FreeBSD port. Thanks for maintaining it! :)

Die Verrohung durch Taten beginnt mit der Verrohung von Worten, die Abstumpfung, das Ressentiment, die Ausgrenzung, der Rassismus, die Kälte, die Kriminalisierung, schließlich der Tod, hingenommen oder geplant, all das, was mit Menschen gemacht wird, bereitet sich vor durch Worte.