"Books are at the intersection of some of the most essential human freedoms, primarily of expression and freedom to publish. These are fragile freedoms", that's about the world and Day by . Isn't it to creator focused? I miss the power of books to make knowledge and culture universally available across all boarders and thus the freedom to learn and to participate. But then I would also remove the copyright from the official title. Maybe replace it by ?

The Wordpress plugin for Mastodon Comments work. I adapted the original work of @bjoern

I will be able to release it tomorrow I guess.

- Connect an account
- Choose a selector (default WP id for comments).

Example: mastalab.app/2018/09/02/how-to

dot com asks: What was the most important moment in the history of ? - Many people probably no longer know that early versions of Linux where proprietary because the license prohibited commercial redistribution. Therefore, for me it was the most important moment when Linus Thorvalds released Linux as under the . Otherwise Linux wouldn't have had this enormous success. opensource.com/article/18/8/li

John Hancock, one of the largest North American life insurers, will sell only policies to people who agree to track fitness and health data through wearable devices and smartphones reuters.com/article/us-manulif

So cool Mastodon enabled rel=me links in the metadata so I can verify my account. No longer do I have to wonder am I famous enough? What about the time my account was spoofed? Why does she get a blue check and not him? I am in control.


Danke... Verständlich, dass du das nicht Grundsätzlichkeit aktivieren willst. Dann muss ich das Projekt vielleicht noch etwas nach hinten verschieben. Ich habe schon auf joinpeertube.org geschaut. Aber da sind alle Domains so nichts sagend und wenn ich das einrichte dann will ich schon sicher sein, dass das eine gut gewartete Instanz ist welche auch länger existiert. Da hätte mich spontan peertube.social und FramaTube.org (leider nicht offen) angesprochen.

Cc @tunda @root

@tunda Maybe some background. I consider creating a PeerTube account for Nextcloud. Therefore it would be nice to get the videos somehow automatically from YouTube to PeerTube everytime a new video is published. BTW, can you recommend a instance for our Nextcloud account? On Peertube.social the import from YouTube is disabled, if I read the feature matrix on the registration page correctly, right?

Cc @root @nutomic

Question to the experts: Is there a tool to cross-post stuff between and Peertube? Probably not, because it would be way more expensive to download the video at the one site and upload it on the other site, right?

Just listening to this great podcast about with @Gargron. Interesting to hear how he sees Mastodon, the motivation behind it, etc. Nice to hear that it is not "just for fun" but that he has a clear vision on how the internet and should work and about the importance of and . changelog.com/podcast/315

Hey! #Outreachy applications for the next December-March round are now open! outreachy.org 🎉

They offer three month internships with free and open source projects — #FOSS. Interns are paid a 5,500 USD stipend and have access to a 500 USD travel allowance.

I can't recommend this program enough. It's such a rich and welcoming experience, in addition to being a great way to start working in tech.

Start your application today!

@rysiek I just wanted to write almost the same, thanks for saving me the time! 🙂 Just one note, your wrote "it just does not go as far as to insist on copyleft.": Free Software also doesn't insist on copyleft. Copyleft is just one sub-category of Free Software, see gnu.org/philosophy/categories.

cc @Fudgel

@vinzv @LibertyPaulM @kev In Germany we also have some online book stores where you can buy DRM free ebooks. So after buying a book you can directly download the epub and copy it via USB to your Kobo or any other device. Some might have a watermark instead (which I consider acceptable) but some are also without any technical measurement.

@chpietsch I agree that the current setup of the Mozilla Foundation doesn't look to healthy by depending on one large sponsor which has completely different goals and is a direct competitor on the Browser market. Still, I agree with Glyn Moody that from the history and it's roots, the Mozilla Foundation could be the perfect safeguard for the free and open web. Note, I and Glyn say they "could be" not that "they are". At least I see no one else who could take over the role. Do you?

What's the point of Mozilla? Great article by Glyn Moody about the past, present and future of the Foundation, his conclusion: What we do desperately need is a powerful, truly independent voice willing to speak up for ordinary users of the internet on today's key issues and to defend uncompromisingly their broader interests in the online world. Mozilla is probably the only organization capable of doing this credibly. linuxjournal.com/content/what-

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