@humpaaa Ja, ein direkter Vergleich ist schwierig. Ich glaube es ging damals eher um die generelle Sichtweise. Das man beim Kaffee nicht nur darauf achtet das er gut schmeckt sondern auch die ethischen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen betrachtet und dies im Bereich IT so gut wie gar nicht stattgefunden hat. Dort hat es lange Zeit ausgereicht das die Software "gut schmeckt" aka das tut was sie soll auf einer rein funktionellen Ebene.

@LPS @nextcloud Ideally you would also find a instance where I can automate the upload from YouTube, similar how we automatically forward stuff from our RSS feeds, Twitter, etc to Mastodon. Yes, then I would be happy to setup a account and make sure that videos are published there as well. Afaik this already exists in Peertube, it is just disabled by 99% of the current public Peertube instances for good reasons.

Nutzen, teilen, anpassen: Evangelische setzt auf und tritt der bei. Schon vor vielen Jahren hat zu mir mal jemand aus der Kirche gesagt: "Es ist verrückt, Kaffee ist uns allen super wichtig aber kaum jemand macht sich Gedanken welche Software wir beschaffen, wie diese erstellt wird und ob sie unsere Gesellschaft positiv oder negativ beeinflusst"... Schön zu sehen dass sich dies langsam zu ändern scheint. ekir.de/www/service/pm-kirche-

@LPS @Blort @nextcloud just as some background. A few weeks ago I tried to find a Peertube instance to mirror our videos. But all admins I contacted told me that they would prefer if we don't push all our videos to their server. Something I can completely understand. Video hosting is a completely different thing compared to "just" a few text messages and maybe images, with respect to storage and bandwidth.

Teaching a session on technology to a small group of middle at a local summer camp - Great initiative by Don Watkins opensource.com/article/18/8/li

I'm excited. My talk at the and was accepted. I'm looking forward to talk about the rich and capabilities of , of course I will also introduce our brand new implementation fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event

"Der Einsatz von Software fördert die , steigert die in der , vermindert die von konventionellen Software-Häusern und senkt langfristig die Kosten. Die muss da etwas anstossen." Der Schweizer Kanton Uri macht sich mit auf den Weg zu einer modernen und nachhaltigen IT. luzernerzeitung.ch/zentralschw

Thanks for all the great suggestions, I will try them out.

Does someone knows a app which tracks how much time I spend in front of my mobile phone and with which apps? Would be really nice to get a feeling how much time I waste per day, week and month with random apps.

Just wanted to look something up at opensource.org and saw this appeal for donations. I really like how shifted their focus the last few years again more and more on the roots and core value of our movement by speaking more about software freedom, , etc.

@mray Actually, it is not really the Open Source logo but the OSI logo which happens to became the "Open Source logo" for many people. Probably also because OSI made the good decision to use plain opensource.org as their domain. The same way the GNU logo could have become the "Free Software logo". But yes, beside the nitpicking I agree it would be good to have a independent and universally accepted Free Software logo.

I won't go completely dark like him, but shifting focus and reading more news articles or blogs instead of browsing social networks every time you have a few minutes in front of your phone is really refreshing. - 2/2

I read three weeks ago about @benwerd 's plan of "going dark on social media for the rest of 2018". I decided to try something similar: I removed all social media shortcuts from the home screen and replace it with shortcuts to my RSS reader and digital news paper. I made a similar experience as Ben werd.io/2018/checking-in-on-my beside the LinkedIn dependency - 1/2

"Wir fahren diesen Planeten gerade an die Wand. Und niemand steigt auf die Bremse, sondern alle drücken das Gaspedal noch durch. Wir rasen wirklich auf eine Wand zu, und der Crash könnte letztlich das Ende unserer Zivilisation herbeiführen", sagt Klimaforscher Schellnhuber heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Kl

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@tk But if it is my server, they have to come to me and ask me for a backdoor to spy on me. So at least I know 😉 It is not about "throwing shade on the big biz". Not only since today I'm convinced that Free Software, federation and the possibility to self-host are the pre-condition for freedom and privacy respecting tools.

@z428 The problem, with this laws in place public authorities will demand this backdoors from this organizations as well. And they only have two options: comply or shut the service down. Both options will not give us sustainable freedom and privacy respecting tools.

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