Hrmmm...I've successfully switched to an S3 server for this instance and everything seems to be working except for all old avatars and photos. Is there a way to "refetch" those so that they end up in the s3 bucket?

mastodon admin worries 

hey everyone! I'm now hosting my own instance and have joined the Fediverse. I will keep my vanity account here, but follow me over at

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Facebook: Everyone knows me. I am me

Twitter: Some people know me. I am a persona based on me

Mastodon: Nobody knows me. I am a transient, sentient beam of ultraviolet light

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Now that we have a bunch of gamedevs on here, my challenge to you: on Twitter they had tweetcarts, but we can do better than that on here.

Make a game in w/in the character count! Check out for some examples I made.

Tips: Put them behind a CW so there isn't a giant wall of text. With the CW and the gif URL, you have only 439 characters to work with, so keep that in mind!

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WHAT THEY EXPECTED: a VC backed startup intending to destroy twitter
WHAT THEY GOT: a bunch of cyberpunk kids hanging out behind the mall

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@bkeej I'm running a single user instance on a Raspberry Pi 2 and it's doing pretty okay performance wise

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Message to all the non-anglophones:

Please toot in your language as public as you want. Let's share culture. I want to read all your toots.


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Here is an in-depth area where I need development/knowledge help, for a feature that would make Masto even better/more reliable in terms of timelines sorting: I've been researching it for a while and wrote down all my findings.

‪Academic life—afraid of your email because you owe things to people on every continent that your brain may or may not be able to create.‬

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@bkeej I'm running a personal instance (, which currently only has one account. I'm running it on an old desktop with a dual-core Pentium E5200 and 3GB of RAM, shared with some static and git hosting.

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1. "mastodon" is a piece of software that runs on a server. There's a lot of servers that run it & u can follow ppl on other servers.

2. When u follow someone from another server, your server receives their toots.

3. The federated TL is all public toots that the server receives, ie all of the toots from everyone that ppl on your server follow.

4. ERGO: if u want to see more toots in the fed TL, follow + get other ppl on your server to follow ppl from other servers!

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2. 1 gce g1-small instance (0.5 shared cpu, 1.7gb memory)

hovering at 10% cpu use

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@bkeej 2700 users, 4x same 4GB RAM + cheap 4thread CPU (2 app, 1 lb/pg/redis, 1 sidekiq)

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1. 14
2. 8GB RAM, 4 vCores (E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz), 250GB SSD, 250 Mbit/s

Poll for those managing well-running mastodon instances:

1. How many accounts?

2. What are your server specs?

My teaching is done this week and so I wanted to start working on an instance. Should I be running Mastodon on a clean server or will it play nice on a machine serving few static websites, some private low traffic web apps, some twitter bots, etc.? Second, how much horsepower do I need to instance me and maybe at most a few hundred friends?

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I was trying to map out the whole network using if anyone wants to help

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For everyone confused by the whole federation thing, trying to compare it to Twitter... Forget Twitter. Think e-mail. You can choose between different e-mail providers on different domains or even host your own server instance. Then you can communicate across those instances with other users on them.
No, it doesn't make sense to "claim" your nickname everywhere. Yes, you should choose the server wisely because all your data reside on that server without an easy way to migrate them...

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The Ruby library for interacting with the Mastodon client API is in dire need of completion. If you're looking for ways to contribute code, I think that's a good starting point

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