@alan Just saw your post. I’m a private pilot and an aerospace education officer for the Civil Air Patrol (meaning I teach kids about what your son is interested in). I’d be happy to help.

This morning I decided it was time to add support for #ActivityPub Relationships, which I modeled as Facebook-style friend requests. In the span of a few hours I designed and implemented the MVP UI, APIs, transport, and storage for the whole thing. I’m using Invite and Accept/Reject activities to model the request, encompassing a Relationship object to model the actual relationship.

Next up will be adding support for addressing posts to Friends, which brings with it some unique challenges that may require extending the AP specification a bit.

@hypolite Did Friendica start putting `` on the end of activitypub ids? CouchDB is choking on it for some reason.

Ah, I might know. If the user has been deleted, but servers are caching the user's Actor record locally, then they might accept a message from that user, provided it was signed with their private key. Is the user's private key accessible from outside of Mastodon somehow? In any case, I may need to periodically update actor records or always fetch them from the source system at receive time to avoid this problem.

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So my server is getting requests from users at mastodon.social who no longer exist, by which I mean when my server attempts to fetch their public key (e.g., mastodon.social/users/niamonis) it gets a 410 (Gone) response, which I have to assume means their account has been deleted? Except that if I search for that account on Mastodon it shows me that they do exist. It's weird. @niamonisoberano

If you want to run jitsi at scale, please check github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobr

Cascaded SFUs will allow your conference calls to scale a lot better :)

Also recommended, the following talk if you want to understand the concept:


#jitsi #SFU #webConference #workingFromHome #sysadmin

It took a shockingly long time, but I can finally federate messages to followers with my new platform. This paves the way for a ton of new features. ✔︎

Sorry I need to create a burner Mastodon account for federation testing.

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