Spent the last five weeks living and traveling from one end of North Carolina to the other. Had to fix/mod a few things and there's still a ton to learn, but we're still having a great time. We won't be doing this is every state, but this one was a good one for it.

(I'll reply to this post with a few more photos... this is a great blue heron I got a shot of while walking the dog)

More photos! Sunset, building a desk, upgrading the Jeep, and and obligatory shot of our pup by our rig.

@monsterjavaguns Ok, you somehow haven't changed a bit???
How much travelling are you doing?

@bkurdali as much as possible. We're living in our RV full time. Current plan takes us roughly into August of next year (aiming to be at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver). After that, who knows?


@monsterjavaguns Now that is an epic "drive to siggraph" :)

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