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Latex, dronification, hypnokink 

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Watching videos of that guy who plays the piano to his cats and crying

Would love to just get knocked out and wake up in a few days

Love to feel so low that you just want to go to sleep but so anxious and upset that all you can do is stay up crying yay yay yay.

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So far my Mastodon follows are in two distinct groups:

- Very earnest, serious people who want to put aside the nonsense of other websites and build a new kind of community.

- Absolutely unchained shitposters who want to post photos of their ass and tweet "B O R G E R" without being told not to

Biggest regret of my life was ever having an overdraft, it’s going to take me almost 2 paydays to get me back to £0 woohoo

So what people like about winter is warm (heated) houses, warm clothes, warm drinks and cuddling for warmth but you can be warm by DEFAULT in summer making it the best season. Case closed

How can anyone be looking forward to winter? Please explain to me what exactly is good or fun about being cold

‘Private offices, hot desking, happiness’ was the designer of this ad held at gunpoint because this sounds like a cry for help

The rain and copious binbags in the background really contribute to the aesthetic of this message

‘seeing as you’re gonna spend the rest of your shit life working yourself to death you may as well pay us for it’

First day at work done, came home and changed my sheets, hoovered, tidied my room, joined my new gym - today has turned out to be productive at least

Does anyone else experience intense sadness the day after drinking a lot? Feeling like total crap today

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I’ve wanted to find more mediums of self expression. For the past few months I’ve been painting, embroidering and hand making silk flowers and mint leaf beetles to recreate storybook scenes from my early life.

Okay this hipster guy is playing his own soundcloud tune out of his laptop speakers on the train and rapping along I’m cringing so hard it’s awful stahp

I just feel that I spent my whole adolescent life feeling ashamed of being brown and wishing I was white and blonde like my friends, then I got over it and embraced it and felt proud of my heritage, then I go to small villages where they’re all lowkey xenophobic and I just feel that wave of shame wash over me all over again ugh ugh

@blackcatsandbrows I identify as british so just tell people I’m british? I’m sure somewhere down the line they have a different ethnicity but I’m not dissecting their heritage at the dinner table am I. Oh but of course if you’re white no one asks questions.

Can’t STAND it when people just assume my ethnicity without even asking. My partner’s family mean well but they’re always telling people that I’m half Indian just because I worked there for a while, I have NO Indian in me whatsoever just because I’m brown ffs, so fucking awkward having to sit there and correct people every bloody time

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