Is there any way to search for a specific domain and show all posts? Without joining the domain obvs.

Once upon a time in Hollywood is a whole film saying fuck you to Charles Manson. Good movie though

The medicine is working real good because I thought a playing card was a trapezoid but I was just holding it at an angle. Merry Christmas!

@pizza actually it's when you drop a huge f-bomb filled with a large number of smaller f-bombs

@crunchyroll hope you get back online soon, I was really getting into bleach

This week in Usability & Productivity #72: Remote Desktop on Wayland now works! + Spectacle lets you open your screenshot or its containing folder + dozens upon dozens of solved bugs and mended papercuts.

Got the touchscreen functional on the pinephone devkit, still flipped and it doesn't start correctly but it works a bit.


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