Video of police murdering black teen 

Dear a weirdo is screaming messages for you. Really loud. He even made a sign! Unfortunately he stands in front of the hotel Adlon - a few meters from the embassy.


lmao aww thats what is happening to alot of resturant chains now like little chef thats dead and buried lol

♲ victorhckinthefreeworld.files.…

El buscador DuckDuckGo dona 600.000 dólares a proyectos que fomentan la privacidad |…

Por noveno año el buscador DuckDuckGo vuelve a donar dinero a diversos proyectos, en este caso a aquellos que fomentan la privacidad de los usuarios en la red.…

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This is one of many most accurate images that depict of America today, but when you try to explain this to a MAGA racist Trump supportive bastard, they respond with: "Stop pulling the race card."

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@Icedlattensfw yeah looking forward to seeing more, may i perhaps use a picture for a soundcloud mix at some point int he future thatd be really cool as fuck for breakcore or something

New to mastodon! I'm Leo and I draw furry art.
Lola here is my sona :)

Leftists: Sexual Assault of men is a big problem that most people don't take seriously at all and even think it's funny

Chuds: haha REAL men don't get sexually assaulted, a man who wasn't gay would want the sex anyways

Leftists: Sexual Assault of women is also a problem

Chuds: What about the Assault of men?! Youre the real sexists for only caring about women!

There is a problem with Windows 10 - if your DNS is having issues it doesn't let you open the network settings

Desc: pictograph showing which countries have the highest video game per capita Dot-dot-dot compared to countries that have the worst gun violence... America does not have the highest video game spending but definitely has the highest gun violence... Those two things are not related.

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