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possible slogans for Suricrasia Online:
> "connecting your world, whenever!"
> "it's electricity!(?)"
> "do you think you have what it takes to ball with the best?"
> "we'll only throttle if you beg!"

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made a different kind of boost animation, which involved re-creating the current icon in inkscape and making an animating sprite out of it mastodon.social/media/Rq6uho2A

I'm going to be using @blackle more than this account in the future

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it would be cool if there was a tool to cross post private toots to your accounts on other instances

if I made an instance it would be called "suricrasia" and be themed all water like

I wanna make an instance but my devops experience is nil

the perfect instance would be
1. gay
2. gay
3. gay
4. furry
5. monstrous
6. positive
7. not ableist, racist, sexist, or transphobic
8. gay
9. rly gay
10. well moderated

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update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to mastodon.social for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.

work stuff 

at work the head developer finally decided that using enums for the ambient light sensor (just a list of values like dark, sunny, candlelight, and such) was a bad idea when we need to use those values to set the front light brightness

I mentioned this months ago and they didn't see anything wrong with it =_=

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