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i still dont know how to ride a bike or swim

at what point to i admit to my sis im a cam girl? i mean its only been like a week at most.

still love a high maintenance femme tho

anyway where is my small lesbian girlfriend. im thinking i might be more into butch women than i thought? idk it depends i guess.

although the money would be A plus plus.

spoiler: men are weird and gross and i dont think im cut out for it

raise your hand if you want to know how my date went with a potential sugar daddy

bring that shit to the east coast but lesbians

why is nevada the only state to legalize prostitution. is that the state of sin?

i need to find a place that does good faux locs

i need to find a good place to get my hair done

i want to be rich enough to just call into every infomercial i see on sundays and just get all this shit they advertising

i need someone to buy stuff off my adult wishlist. my grown and sexy wishlist.

i put on makeup even tho i wasn't going anywhere and today i will admit i looked good. i felt sad taking it off. will i ever look that good again?