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AFRODITEA @blackvulcan

"In 2016, Destination: Toast! did an analysis of Archive of Our Own's femslash relationship tag and found that 9% of fanworks were tagged as F/F."

sugar babies need an app thats not racist trash, but i realize thats asking for too much

@flint sugar daddies are great so im not faulting you. just dont catch feelings so you dont regret it lol. good luck with that bro

@flint either way you fucked up. if its been a long time, double fucked. never catfish dude. take some aesthetic pics of your silhouette or smth but never use someone else.

the only thing you can do is be honest if you're serious. but if you just playing around then keep the charade. sorry there's no better advice but catfishing is the worst lol

i need a workout buddy a a wig

why couldnt i be born with a small appetite

where should i get my moon phases tattoo???

i need to get my stomach off. just my stomach and ill chill out about weight loss

the hospital threatening me over a bill i got in feb.

people who actually meet their loves on dating apps need to tell me their secret. i bet its location based.

im using them for their cars anyway and if i get murdered, i didnt have much to live for anyway

im so lonely im entertaining random men on tinder like im actually down with this

wow for the first time the local tl is moving at a reasonable pace. i.e.slowly

while my anxiety isnt treating me like it did last year with respect to the "all my friends hate me" front, its still present

i feel like deactivating my social media since its not like im doing anything meaningful. all my friends are either busy or too deep in their own suffering to have one on one convos with me.

when i was little i couldnt wait to send people postcards but lmao i have never sent or received a postcard this is home of phobic