I'm now pasting twitter links and my comments on Mastodon. I wonder if using tweets as a source of content to be discussed elsewhere will line up with Our Benevolent Overlord's view of "free speech"?

US government surveillance 

ICE 'now operates as a domestic surveillance agency,' think tank says engadget.com/ice-surveillance-

A pretty good article, and I’m not just saying that because I’m quoted a bunch 😂 (Well, I guess I am, since the article mirrors my views)


Always happy to see more WebXR support across devices!
RT @htcvive
Want to view VIVE Pods in VR? VIVE Browser is our first WebXR, which provides a way for VR users to explore and socialize within !

is available now and compatible with VIVE VR headsets:


Supernatural is the one reason I would consider owning a quest (if I didn’t have one through work). I have tried many different exercise routines and this is the only one where I have to make myself stop and not do another set, instead of force myself to finish a routine.


can i switch between world and local and friend feeds on the iOS mastodon app?

Has anyone tried using eye-tracking w/ video chat, where the knowledge of WHO we are looking at is used to adjust everyones video per viewer (you can see who’s looking at you, and who’s looking elsewhere) and to adjust audio volumes (person I’m looking at is louder, etc)?

“Whatcha eating? Are you gonna share?”

(It’s always our sweet beige and white asking, but sometimes, like here, one or two of the other dogs join in. If I’m “lucky” I get all four)

The mystery of one of our dog’s escape from our yard is solved.

We have 6’ fence all around (she could jump the old 4’), one side is a wood one w/ cross beams (middle, near top). She jumps so her paws are OVER the top and on the middle beam, and then scrambles over.

I do like an article about fonts (and I am the sort of person would prefers serifs and likes Garamond)

Write It in Garamond - The New York Times nytimes.com/2022/02/01/magazin

iMac vs Macbook with External Displays

Apple still hasn't solved the issue of a laptop with multiple external displays not remembering window organization.

Interesting. Just arrived in Boston for the weekend. Good times. (null)

Reading Harlan Ellison’s bio on Wikipedia (after reading I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream) and this bit made me laugh (what with me being a professor and all)

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