Taking a crack at , to honour the wonderful session and my friends @lauraritchie @katebowles @tdorey

I attended the 2019 journal launch of Knowledge Makers, an Indigenous student research network at TRU. KM embodies the power of human scale, intimacy, care. Each student gave a speech, and presented their first copy to a family member or supporter. Many spoke of a new sense of self-worth and connection because of their journey.

Previous years here:

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I admire that concept of gifting the work (first edition) to someone close and supportive as a way to honor and show love for the person ... that’s a nice intersection between academic and personal ...

@dogtrax @blamb @lauraritchie @katebowles @tdorey It's a nice sentiment but it has to be kept in perspective.

When I was doing my undergrad I didn't have anyone close and supportive. Something like this would have caused a world of fear and stress. It would be the sort of thing that is good for other people but it just wasn't a part of my life.

@Downes @dogtrax @blamb @katebowles @tdorey I was wondering about this in both positive and negative. I very much like the respect to elders and honour of those who came before, but what if you don't particularly respect them? (that might sound really bad, and I don't mean it to) Sometimes people survive and thrive despite their upbringing. I have certainly had students who could tell that story. What then? and how can they/we still find and acknowledge a positive heritage?

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Part of the work I have done in narrative practice is to ask very carefully for people to bring into their thoughts someone who would not be surprised to see where they have come to in their life, what they have done. These are often our more silent supporters. They might not have been able to help, but they have seen us in the world and not held us back. I find that everyone has someone that comes to their mind.

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But I think Stephen is exactly right to be very cautious about all of our students who don't have anything like a traditional framework of loving support in their lives, or a formal culture of elder respect.

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I feel like in my brevity I did a disservice to the Knowledge Makers, I don't think anyone was coerced. The researchers could have declined to speak if they wished. The care and respect given to the researchers was what made this project special. Hope people will check out the site rather than me speak.

One researcher gave her first copy to another in the cohort, thanking her for being a "warrior" that encouraged and supported. It was moving.

@blamb @dogtrax @lauraritchie @katebowles @tdorey i'm sure nobody was coerced. All I'm saying is that this would have made me really uncomfortable.

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