I've been down lately. I should keep perspective. Tonight I was invited to friends' home, fed an exquisite meal, and then spent the night jamming on weird riffs and goofy pop hits. I mostly played drums on an electro drum kit that travels well. This wasn't our best song tonight but we surprised ourselves and grinning as we faked our way through:

Fun friends that feed me amazing food, drink beer with me, and play hot jams.

@blamb I'd like to think of this [space] as an ed/intellectual/life jam. Yesterday I sat in a meeting and felt like a caged animal. I SO wanted to connect, communicate, & explore, but agendas prevail. Speak when invited. Permission to sit on the floor please. Permission to play & not necessarily get it right. It does happen, but I crave more jamz in all areas of life. -& don't good ideas happen with people? :) Thank God you recorded indeed. (and shared it)

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