Spent offline weekend with friends who moved into an older home with a rustic large yard a couple years ago. They found an old notebook that describes the development of the yard, along with logs of the gardening, etc. My friend eventually figured out that the house belonged to C.P. Lyons, who enjoyed prominence as the author of BC botany books, and as “Forest Engineer”for BC Parks, doing planning for places like Wells Grey and Manning Park.



My friend has been learning more about Lyons. Dug into archives for proposals and plans for parks. Interviews with people who worked with him. Found 20 hours of taped interviews with Lyons and is getting them digitized.

For all his accomplishments, it wasn’t easy. He had to fight with resource companies and others in the government. He was thought of as a troublemaker.

My friend in a fine writer, and is thinking of turning this into a book. I hope she does.

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